About Us

(jonasglobe.com) is an online news website that covers Nigeria and the entire world. We are your one-stop universal portal for all global news – politics, business, arts & culture, entertainment, and much more. We bring a huge commitment to offer the world the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge all the continent on the path of development and social re-engineering. The concept was launched on 16th December 2016, as jonasglobe.com

Based in Imo state Nigeria (temporary) Jonasglobe.com is founded in 2016 by Nigerian Blogger Jonathan Enyi. jonasglobe just commenced hoping of been a big success on social media gathering our target is to get over 970,000 fans on their facebook fan page alone.
We publish across all formats also with this online platform where we hope to appeal to the bulk of our young and middle class elites with a vision of the future and a belief in social change. Join our Facebook Page with jonasglobe.com. Also Join Us On Twitter @enyi_jonathan On Instagram @enyijonathan and also our comedy Youtube channel on Brainstorm comedy.