Adulterous wife get stocked while having sex with another man

Infidelity and extra-marital affairs in marriages are becoming very rampant in Kenya and beyond.

Partners are cheating left, right and centre and are walking away with it at the expense of their lovers.

This was the same scenario that happened in Kisii town’s Daraja Mbili area, Kenya when a married woman who has been cheating on her husband met the proverbial 40 days of a thief.

The husband must have gotten wind of his wife’s cheating habits and the jilted man opted to prove it and set the record straight.

He visited a witch doctor who resides in the town and after explaining his worries, was given some concoction.

He used it on his wife.

She left home on Thursday, November 17, to have some illegal sex with a man in the neighbourhood.

What transpired has become a national debate.

The two secret lovers got stuck in each other. Having been unable to control the pain that came with it, they let out a loud yelling that attracted the neighbours.

A crowd milled around the house and the two were carried in the mattress they were doing their business in.

They were moved in the streets covered in sheets as crowds milled to have a glimpse.

The husband told the villagers to take them to the witch doctor who helped separate them.

The Witch doctor

The witch doctor told K24 that this should serve as a lesson to those cheating in relationships.

The man was made to pay for the services the witch doctor offered.

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